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2016 Bills General Assembly

BILLS 2016 GENERAL ASSEMBLY   Denotes Key Bill General Assembly Home Page:
Bill Sponsor(s) Title Status PIIAC Position
HB1097 Coram&Moreno/ PUC permit for Medicaid Transportation Providers 5/3 hearing Sen Approp 8AM #10
HB1231 Lebsock/Carroll Restricting use of red light cameras 4/29 House consider Conf Cmite
Report – Re-pass
HB1342 Moreno/Cooke Reporting database for motor vehicle sales 4/21  Fin refer amended to
Workers Compensation
HB1361 Primavera&J Becker/ Choice of pharmacy 5/5 hearing Sen Fin upon Oppose 
Sonnenberg &  Adjournment #2
SB158 Lundberg/ Physician assistant (PA) 4/26 Sen consider House
Primavera  amendments re-pass
SB179 Roberts & Heath/ Classification of workers 4/29 pass Sen 3rd reading
SB198 Holbert/Kraft-Tharp WC form filing 4/29 pass 2nd reading amended
HB1326 Primavera & Willett/ Consumer access to physical rehab services 3/29 assign Sen State
HB1336 Hamner & Rankin/ Study single geographic area individual health 4/25 House concur Sen
Donovan plans amendments re-pass
SB2 Lundberg/Sias Health Exchange tax to support operations ballot 5/2 hearing Sen State 1:30 #5 Monitor
question DOI
SB6 Martinez, Humenik/ Referrals to qualified insurance brokers by Colorado 5/2 Sen consider House  Support
Sias Health Benefit Exchange DOI Amendments #1
SB69 Garcia/Pabon Community based out of hospital medical services 5/2 pass 3rd reading
SB170 Tate Health Benefit Exchange for Medicaid eligible 4/27 pass Sen 3rd reading
Bill Sponsor(s) Title Status PIIAC Position
All Lines
SB184 Cadman&Scheffel/ Interest rates on judgments 4/11 assign Judiciary
HB1063 Foote Mental health professional disclosure school safety 4/6 pass Sen 3rd reading
HB1114 DelGrosso/Ulibarri Repeal duplicate reporting requirements 5/2 Sen 2nd reading special
order pass
HB1165 K. Becker & Landgraf Child support guideline changes 4/27 sent to Gov Monitor
HB1312 Wist/Tate Time limitation on disciplinary actions 5/4 hearing State upon 
Adjournment #1
HB1388 McCann  Ban the box 4/27 assign Sen State
HB1394 Young/Grantham Reporting abuse of at-risk adults 4/29 assign Sen Fin Monitor
HB1403 Pettersen & Buckner/ Retirement plans 5/4 Hearing Fin 1:30 #2
Todd & Donovan
HB1432 Winter Employee right to inspect personnel files 5/2 pass Sen 3rd reading
SB56 Lambert Disclosure of confidential information by  5/9 hearing House State 1:30 #1 Monitor
SB165 Grantham/Young RHO tax credit 4/29 pass House 3rd reading
Signed by Governor
HB1013 Garnett/Marble School districts purchase crime insurance in lieu of 03/08/16 Monitor
bonds DOI
HB1025 Arndt/Tate Insurance policy definition of renewal DOI 03/16/16 Support
HB1030 Brown/Donovan Off Highway vehicles 04/12/16 Monitor
HB1051 Van Winkle Vehicle ownership transfer DOI 03/23/16 Neutral
HB1095 McCann/Crowder Health Insurance for Prescription Eye Drop Refills 03/09/16
HB1148 Sias/Roberts & Health Benefit Exchange rules and policies 03/22/16
SB29 Scheffel & Heath Changes to Colorado laws to maintain NAIC 03/18/16 Monitor
accreditation/adopt ORSA DOI  
Bill Sponsor(s) Title Status PIIAC Position
Vetoed by Governor
HB1002 Buckner/Kerr Parental leave 3/9 Sen State Monitor
HB1015 Klingenschmitt Repeal of health insurance laws aligning with ACA 2/3 State
HB1023 Everett Use of deadly force against a business intruder 3/7 State Monitor
HB1029 J. Becker/Cooke Kei vehicles roadway registration 2/3  Trans  Monitor
HB1052 K. Becker Wildfire Mitigation Tax Credit DOI 1/20 Fin Monitor
HB1102 Ginal/Newell & Production costs for high cost drugs DOI 3/10 HIE
HB1107 Joshi DORA administrative complaint time frames 2/22  State 
HB1166 Petterson & Winter/ Unfair employment practice employer seeking salary 3/30 Sen State Monitor
Donovan history  
HB1202 Wist/Tate Mandatory E verify 3/30 Sen State 
HB1213 Lawrence/Lundberg Civil action for intrusion with electronic device 3/24 Jud 
HB1235 Van Winkle/Kefalas & Judicial performance commission 4/4 State
HB1293 Melton/Holbert Total auto loss 4/27 Sen State  Monitor
HB1299 Wist/Jahn Attorney fees & costs in employment discrimination 3/28  State 
HB1310 Salazar Strict liability for oil & gas operations 4/28 Sen Ag
HB1399 Singer/Newell Workers comp for PTSD 4/27 Sen State  Monitor
SB25 Merrifield/Court & Colorado End of Life Options Act DOI 2/3  State  Monitor
SB54 Merrifield Repeal of prohibition on local governments enacting 2/17 State  Monitor
minimum wage laws
SB76 Ulibarri/DelGrosso Elimination of employer reporting requirements 2/16 BLT  Monitor
SB114 Carroll & Ulibarri/ Employee sick leave 2/22  State 
Lost on the floor
Lost in committee
Bill Sponsor(s) Title Status PIIAC Position
Other action
HB1054 Court&Ginal/ Colorado End of Life Options Act 2/24 House 2nd reading Monitor
Merrifield laid over to 6/1

SB 6. This bill would require that consumer inquiries to the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange about purchasing insurance would be referred to qualified insurance brokers. According to the exchange this would put into statute what they have been doing all along. The health insurance carriers raised concerns about increasing their costs because commissions would have to be paid on policies that may have been written directly. The bill was killed in committee but not postponed indefinitely, which means it could come back later in the session. Should the bill return PIIAC will support.

·         HB 1025. Large companies may have a group of companies under common ownership. Currently if an underwriter wanted to move an insured from one company to another within the same group a non-renewal notice would be required and then a new policy issued. Frequently an insured would receive a non-renewal notice and a renewal in a new company in the mail on the same day, which needless to say causes some confusion. This bill eliminates the need to send the non-renewal notice. PIIAC supports this bill.

·         SB 56. A similar bill was introduced during the 2015 session, SB15-275. While SB 56 is a little different than SB15-275, it still poses the same problem as SB15-275; i.e., the disclosure of confidential, proprietary information to members of the general assembly as part of a whistle blower action. While we have no problems with whistle blowers in general, we oppose bills that might result in confidential information in possession by the Division of Insurance being released to members of the general assembly. PIIAC is opposing this bill as introduced.

1.    Amendment 69. This ballot initiative would create in the Colorado Constitution a single payer health care system. The workers compensation medical system would be included. An opposition campaign is kicking off 1/28/16. Attached is an information piece related to this campaign. PIIAC will join this campaign and as part of this campaign will be asked for monetary support. Part of our member contact will be to ask our members how much they would donate to preserve their workers compensation commissions and, if applicable, revenue from the sale of health insurance. This is an important question because if Amendment 69 passes those streams of revenue will go away.

3.    PIIAC Legislative Council. Very soon our members will be receiving information about participation in this group. Members of our legislative council will be asked to help testify on bills; contact legislators; and, receive more detailed information about legislative matters. Legislative Council members will not be required to attend Government Affairs Committee meetings but will work closely with the GAC Chair on important issues.

4.    National Issues. For those planning to attend the 2016 IIABA National Legislative Conference here are a couple  of the issues that we will be lobbying on:

·         NFIP Re-authorization. The flood program expires 9/2017. Two bills have been introduced: HR2901 and S1579. Agent commissions will come under scrutiny as the Write Your Own (WYO) carriers would like to see a reduction.

·         Risk Retention Act. A bill has been introduced that would allow risk retention groups to offer property insurance in addition to general liability. IIABA opposes this bill and we will be lobbying in opposition. The NAIC also opposes the bill.

5.    NEXT MEETING. Tuesday April 5th, 2016 at 7:30 AM at Brownleigh Court, 14th and Grant, across the street from the Capitol. 

​​If you have questions you would like to ask or issues you would like to bring forward to our Government Affairs Committee, please email Gary, our GAC Chairman.  Thank you for following this important legislative session.

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 Gary Frisch, PIIAC Government Affairs Chair