Government Affairs

Colorado Capitol Dome.jpgProfessional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado (PIIAC) is the advocate for independent insurance agents and insurance consumers in Colorado.  PIIAC affiliates and works cooperatively with carriers and other industry and consumer organizations to ensure news of our advocacy efforts is widely distributed and received.

PIIAC’s advocacy initiatives focus on the preservation of a friendly business climate for Colorado’s insurance industry as well as the continued availability and affordability of a broad range of insurance coverages for Colorado consumers.

Here is just one example of PIIAC Advocacy: Government Affairs Committee Chair Gary Frisch and PIIAC lobbyists Danny Tomlinson, Bob Ferm and Daniel Furman participated in the industry effort on HB 13-1225, which removed language that would have created standard of care issues for agents.  The policyholder responsibility to review their policy remains a standard all stakeholders---regulators, legislators, companies, and agents—still agree on.  Frisch also pointed out that the original wording in HB 13-1225 was vague regarding law and ordinance coverage and offered language that clarified the law and ordinance coverage requirement in a homeowners policy.

Our Impact:  PIIAC is a collective voice, representing over 2,500 independent insurance agents around the state of Colorado. 

“While I was reviewing coverage with a client, he told me he was hiring a lobbyist for HB 1031 – to represent himself in regards to a towing clause in the bill. I contacted Gary Frisch to see if we could help.  Gary worked with a PIIAC lobbyist and successfully had the wording changed in the bill to include an insurance  representative. Specifically – the wording was changed to a “MEMBER WHO INSURES TOWING OPERATIONS.”  My customer paid $18,000 for his lobbyist…and in the end, we found out what could be done through my PIIAC membership for $0. Wow!” 
- Jim Howes, Western Group Inc. and proud  PIIAC member