PIIAC advocates for YOU, the independent insurance agent, at the Colorado State Capitol.  In addition to that, IIABA, or the Big "I", our national affiliate, advocates for YOU on a national level in Washington DC.

Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado (PIIAC) is the advocate for independent insurance agents and insurance consumers in Colorado.  PIIAC affiliates and works cooperatively with carriers and other industry and consumer organizations to ensure news of our advocacy efforts is widely distributed and received.

PIIAC’s advocacy initiatives focus on the preservation of a friendly business climate for Colorado’s insurance industry as well as the continued availability and affordability of a broad range of insurance coverages for Colorado consumers.

Here is just one example of PIIAC Advocacy: HB 15-1018. The bill would have expanded the list of occupations that would be responsible for reporting elder abuse to law enforcement authorities. Included in this list were insurance agents. An amendment was offered by the bill sponsor removing insurance agents, among others, from the list of professionals required to report elder abuse. The amended version was subsequently passed by the committee and referred to the House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee. The amendment was the result of efforts by our lobbyists, Bob Ferm, Daniel Furman, and Jennifer Cassell. Along with our lobbyists I met with the bill sponsor to discuss our concerns prior to the hearing. PIIAC will support this bill as amended.

Our Impact:  PIIAC is a collective voice, representing over 2,500 independent insurance agents around the state of Colorado.