Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation program

The Certified Risk Managers (CRM) designation demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in all areas of managing risks, hazards, and exposures.  The courses provide you with an in-depth knowledge about today’s highest priorities – identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing, and administering operational risks – as well as political risks, catastrophic loss exposures, third-party exposures, fiduciary exposures, employee injury exposures, juridical risks, legal risks, and more – whether insurable or not. The skills you learn will make you more proactive and valuable to your organization in discovering how risks can interrupt the flow of earnings and how to protect against it.

Upcoming CRM Programs in Colorado                                           
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The five CRM courses are:
Each course is 2-1/2 days of instruction followed by an optional exam.  Please note that the CRM classes are transitioning from 2-1/2 days to 2 days.  
Principles of Risk Management and Control of Risk will be 2 days of instruction beginning 1/1/18.
Practice of Risk Management will be 2 days of instruction beginning 8/1/18.
Financing of Risk will be 2 days of instruction beginning 9/1/18.
Analysis of Risk will be 2 days of instruction beginning 1/1/19.

Colorado CE
  • Principles of Risk Management - approved for 19 PC & 1 ETH CE credits
  • Analysis of Risk - approved for 20 PC CE credits
  • Control of Risk - approved for 20 PC CE credits
  • Financing of Risk - approved for 20 PC CE credits
  • Practice of Risk Management - approved for 20 PC CE credits
All CRMs are approved for state continuing education.  Colorado CE for each program is detailed below.  For CE for other states, call TCCO - (303) 512-0627 or The National Alliance - 1 (800) 633-2165 for details.​​

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