Hartford Flood


Hartford Flood - As of January 1, 2015 Hartford Flood requires that you provide proof that you have taken a 3 hour flood course.  The course can be from any period of time, i.e. proof of a flood CE course from 1999 is acceptable.


Online paperwork is now available to expedite obtaining a new Hartford Flood code for new/existing TCCO agents.  Please go to and complete the enrollment paperwork and W9. 

List TCCO/AGENTS SERVICE CORP – 5400 as your Master Agency.  Then fax the enrollment paperwork, w9, E&O and a copy of your license to 866-528-3269 or email to

You will receive a welcome email within 2-3 days and then you can create your login.  Once you are logged in you will find several prerecorded training sessions and a link to some live training sessions.

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Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act