Get involved, and make a difference!

We have some great committees, and with modern technology you can participate without leaving your office!

If you have an iPad, tablet, laptop with a small camera in it... we'll be able to see you as well!  Just like you are sitting in the room with us!

There are two PDF's you can link to below.  One is a list of our committees, what they do, and how often they meet.  The other is a board nomination form.  You will also be able to attend board meetings virtually!  No matter where you live across our gorgeous state, you can be involved in our fantastic organization!  Please take a moment to review these docs and consider getting involved.  We appreciate you!!

​​Events Committee
This committee is responsible for planning annual events and assisting with event promotions.
This group will play an important role in planning the upcoming Don Nabity Golf Tournament and the 2017 Convention. 

Emerging Leaders/ Young Professionals/ Diversity Task Force Committee
This committee works toward strengthening association involvement among young insurance professionals. The Diversity Task Force is charged with developing ideas to increase diversity within our industry, while promoting respect and tolerance for all. Are goal is to identify and build up new leaders in our industry.
Click here to learn more about how Trusted Choice is working toward increased diversity across the country. 

Education and Technical Affairs Committee
This committee assists with planning and monitoring education programs for quality and efficiency, while also shaping the direction of professional development for both current and future industry professionals. 
In 2017, this committee will also work to ensure that our members are using available technology to help grow their businesses, as well as identify any resources that would be helpful to membership.

Government Affairs Committee
Works with paid lobbyists to monitor state and federal laws and regulations that impact the insurance industry and small business.  Creates awareness among legislators, regulators, members, and consumers of the important issues and work done by PIIAC.  Oversees grassroots efforts and public affairs of legislation.  
Raises funds for Political Action Committees.

Jr Golf Committee
Coordinates annual PIIAC youth regional and state golf tournament.  Members serve as chairs for local golf tournaments and promote the value of conducting insurance business with independent agents to tournament participants and parents.  Committee chair serves as chaperone for Colorado participants to the national tournament.
Budget and Finance Committee
Develops and monitors association budget.  Oversees budget performance.  Monitors financials, investments, and investment policy.  

We Want to Meet You!
Interested in learning about all the benefits and opportunities of getting involved in a committee? Email Bryan for more information. 

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Click on the picture of David Feir from Altitude Insurance to hear him talk about the benefits of joining the Emerging Leaders, formally known as the Young Insurance Professionals.

Check out this presentation from InsurBanc discussing perpetuation from a young agents perspective:  
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